August 2023

Wow, what a fantastic little ride that was with Tiffany Kills. Thank you Adrian Vandenberg, the Vandenberg band, the crew and the wonderful audiences at the Boerderij in Zoetermeer and the Metropool in Enschede for two amazing nights of Rock’n’Roll.

We have landed a great gig with TIFFANY KILLS. We will support the mighty VANDENBERG:

Friday, 25th of August in Zoetemeer at the Poppodium Boerderij
Saturday, 26th of August in Enschede at the Metropool

Those will be rockin’ and it is a huge honor.

June 2023

I have worked with my friend David Reece on many occasions for many years: on my own C.T.P. records, I also contributed songs to some of his records before and this time I co-wrote a very cool song for the upcoming Bangalore Choir release Center Mass. It is the opener Spirit Rider. Happy to have joined forces from time to time with my friend for more than a decade now. You can pre-order Center Mass at Cherry Red Records including a live bonus CD. Release date: 7th of July 2023.

May 2023

Played in Tilburg/NL with Tiffany Kills for the first time. What a wonderful venue at Foxfarm and a great audience on a sunny Sunday. Working on more dates this year beside 18th of November in Breda/NL.

Thank you Tinus in Panningen/NL. The first show with Tiffany Kills was a blast and we had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to continue in Tilburg at Foxfarm at the 28th of May.

March 2023

Happy release day! There is such a beautiful story behind this Tribute to Jeff Beck, truly one of the most iconic and unique guitarist ever. Author for Gitarre and Bass Magazine and guitar connoisseur Udo Pipper had two original 59 Gibson “Bursts” and one 58 Goldtop on loan and invited me to play them. That alone was a magical experience and while we were enjoying these guitars, Udo suggested to record them. Quickly we came up with the idea of a song from Jeff Beck. That seemed logical, as Jeff had passed away recently, we both admire his playing and his music and even Udo had a relation with him, not only as a journalist, but they became connected privatly as well. A long story short. We have chosen “The Pump” and it turned out to be a “Jam of Joy” with Udo Pipper, Mathias Dieth, Achim Brodam and me on guitars as well as Jonas Loth on drums, Henrik Herzmann on bass and Morris Adriaens on keys, who were kind enough to record to support the Tribute idea with their incredible talent. A few overdubs were made with other stunning guitars in my studio, but for the most parts the two Bursts can be heard on the track. It is available on all relevant digital platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and so on.

Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify

Experience, energy, fun and quite a show... that is TIFFANY KILLS! The six members have earned their spurs in the world of Rock'n'Roll. Combined they played on a few dozen records, have toured the world and have now decided to throw each and everyone's catalogue in the middle with one goal in mind: an entertaining classic, heavy rock show. TIFFANY KILLS is fronted by John "Jaycee" Cuijpers, who is one of the strongest singers and frontman in the Netherlands, if not in Europe. He plays or played with Praying Mantis, AYREON, Cooper Inc. and many, many more. Mathias Dieth was one of the musical minds behind Udo Dirkschneiders solo career U.D.O. in the 1990s and is considered as one of the best German metal guitar players until this day. Christian Tolle has initiated his C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project) and worked with many artists around the world, such as Steve Lukather, John Parr, David Reece, Doug Aldrich to name just a few. He also wrote for Vengeance, Bangalore Choire, Reece or Tango Down. Tom Baer is the the wizzard on bass, also player of Peter Freiberg & Band. Add the energetic groovemeister Tom Wetzels on drums as well as Mendy Sneijers female vocal power and the band is complete. The set includes songs of each and everyones catalogue - and there are so many to choose from.

6th of May - Panningen/NL: Tinus
28th of May - Tilburg/NL: Foxfarm
18th of November - Breda/NL: Poppodium Phoenix

November 2022

French magazine Passion Rock included a very fine review in their new issue. Thank you Patrice Adamczak:

“...C'est une sorte d'auberge Espagnole, où les horizons musicaux cohabitent pour notre plus grand plaisir.”

October 2022

Very cool! German Gitarre & Bass magazine made NOW & THEN “ENCORE” to the (Rock) record of the month in issue 11/2022:

(Rock) Platte des Monats
“...entpuppt sich als tadelloses Rockwerk mit grandioser Gitarrenarbeit, erstklassigen Songs und einer kraftvollen und zugleich transparenten Produktion... Macht unterm Strich eine uneingeschränkt empfehlenswerte Rockscheibe, die eine grössere Aufmerksamkeit bei den etablierten Plattenfirmen verdient hätte.”

BREAKOUT Magazin, Germany
“...„Now And Then Encore“ ist ein straightes, klassisches, aber doch sehr modernes Rock-Album geworden, das zusammengefasst in etwa so klingt, wie man sich 2022 eine Veröffentlichung von Rainbow, Graham Bonnet oder auch Joe Lynn Turner vorstellen könnte. Weitere zu findende Einflüsse zeigen sich im Style von Whitesnake, Toto oder auch Ten. Die alten Nummern zünden 2022 noch genauso, wie auf den ursprünglichen Releases, vor allem im neuen Soundkostüm. Das Christian Tolle Project macht Spaß und zeigt auf, dass Classic-Rock noch lange nicht zum alten Eisen zählt!” 

September 2022

Check out some quotes from recent reviews of NOW &Then “ENCORE”:

87% score, viri AOR Spain:
“...Reluciente final para un disco digno de tenerse en consideración que muestra calidad, creatividad y diversidad en esos estilos del hard rock. 87%.”, Germany:
“CD Tipp der Woche!”

8,5/10 score, Rockcastle Franken, Germany 
“... Es ist aller Ehren wert, was Christian Tolle mit seine Gästen hier auffährt. Qualitäts-Classic (Hard)Rock der Oberklasse, freilich kein Wunder wenn man alleine die Sänger-Riege anschaut. Aber auch musikalisch ist das alles vom Allerfeinsten, selbst ein Mathias Dieth (Gravestone, UDO) hat es sich nicht nehmen lassen, ein Solo beizusteuern. Wer also Christian Tolle und seine Musik nicht kennt, ist jetzt aufgerufen C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project) für sich zu entdecken. Es lohnt sich für jeden qualitätsbewussten (Hard)Rocker, der viel für die älteren Klassiker übrig hat.”

8/10 score, Powerplay Magazine, UK
“...This is definatly a solo album, and one for he should gain plenty of plaudits for its flare and richness in classic rock. Contributions from long term partners including Ayreon’s John Cuijpers and ex-UDO guitarist Mathis Dieth add a level of va-va-voom to an already very good album.”

7/10 score, Hardline Magazine, Germany
“Freunde des gepflegten Hardrocks kommen hier auf ihre Kosten.”

Rock IT Magazine, Germany
“...Die CTP Variante (Sword and Stone) klingt einwandfrei und allein dafür lohnt sich schon die Anschaffung des Albums.”

July 2022

Check out the album preview of Now & Then “Encore” on YouTube. Also I am taking pre-orders for the CD (incl. a bonus track) at the shop section. Release will be 29th of July. The record will also be available on all relevant digital platforms.

June 2022

I am very pleased to announce, that my new record Now & Then “Encore” will be released on all relevant digital platforms and limited edition CD on the 29th of July. Some of my strongest tunes can be found here, such as the epic Ain't Gonna Let It slide, the cracker Fire Away or the great energetic power play in Never Had It So Good. The cast of musicians contains again the long year partners John “Jaycee” Cuijpers (Cooper Inc., Praying Mantis, Ayreon), David Reece and for the first time David Frazee (Burning Water, Michael Landau Liquid Quartet) on vocals. Guitar wizard Mathias Dieth (ex-U.D.O., Gravestone) guests on two tracks, LA session legend Michael Thompson takes lead guitars on the revisited She Doesn’t Know, long time companion Morris Adriaens is on keyboards, Hammond organ and backings. Also Randy van der Elsen (Vandenberg) added backing vocals as well as Mendy Sneijers and Theo Talboom. I am responsible for guitars, bass, drums, production and mixing. Stay tuned, the CD can be pre-ordered in my shop mid July.

April 2022

Working on something ubercool... together with John Cuijpers (vox), Mendy Sneijers (vox), Mathias Dieth (guitar), Randy van der Elsen (bass) and Tom Wetzels (drums). You will hear from us...

March 2022

Dutch vocal power in the house: John, Mendy and Morris completed vocals for my next record. Great hang and awesome musicality in these changing times. PEACE!

January 2022

Happy new year. Let’s hope it will be better than the previous one in terms of the pandemic situation, which has slowed down so much... Finally I managed to do the first of a few vocal sessions with John Jaycee Cuijpers for the next release. It has long been overdue. Regarding the next record, the finish line is in sight... a little more tracking is needed and then mixing, mastering and the release process will get a kick off.

August 2021

Thanks to the fine people at Gitarre and Bass magazine for featuring me in the “Top Gear Check” column of their current issue (9/2021) on page 73. Honored to explain some of the gear I use. Also it is mentioned that my next release for C.T.P. / Christian Tolle Project is almost in the can. That’s right: Only a few vocals and tracks need to be added, nevertheless the current Covid-19 situation does not make things easier as well as the schedules of the remaining folks, who are involved, are also affected. So I am targeting to have recordings done later the year, mixing and mastering early 2022 and then a physical and digital release. Stay healthy and be well.

April 2021

More progress to report on my new record: David Frazee did another session for one of my songs in L.A. and delivered his wonderful unique sound. Also I finished an epic track together with David Reece, who also recorded his vocals in Italy. A little bit more to do beofre my 6th C.T.P. release will be finished as the pandemic situation makes scheduling things a bit tricky. Still I am hopeful to have the record in the can later this year.

January 2021

I am very excited, humbled and beyond honored to have David Frazee on my next C.T.P. record. I have met David back in 1993 for the first time, when Burning Water was hitting the scene and now 28 years later he delivered the vocal goods for my music. This is a sign of "good" in these times, as it shows what music can do. Truly a universal language and understanding.

December 2020

A challenging and changing year comes to an end. And what a year it was. We are all hanging in there and try to make the best out of it. So with that in mind, I wish everybody some happy holidays, love, health and high spirits for the upcoming year. The sun will shine again.

November 2020

Fanfields 3 can now be pre-orded via this link at indiegogo. Purchase the album and support the battle against ALS, since all profits of the sale of Fanfields 3 will be donated to the ALS Foundation.

Mathias Dieth came over for a quick stop to record his solo on our co-writing effort... He is a master and surely delivered in no time. Fire Away will be a killer heavy track on my next record.

October 2020

Work in progress: I wrote a new scorcher with Mathias Dieth and David Reece for my next record. That is going to be a “bang your head to the max” kind of tune. David recorded vocals in Italy this week at TARZAN studios with Mario Percudani and David for sure delivered the goods (again). Fire Away...

July 2020

Howdy, new music is in the making and my collaboration with David Reece continues. He performed fantastic vocals at TARZAN studios in Itlay on a new song and this will come out on my next C.T.P. release.

January 2020

Finished my contribution for the next FANFIELDS 3: Vocals are in, songs are mixed and delivered.

September 2019

Frederic Slama’s AOR all star project is back with a third volume of great songs from the past, entitled "Heavenly Demos". The CD features 14 tracks with some legendary singers like Paul Sabu (Only Child), Steve Overland (FM), Kevin Chalfant (The Storm) Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Sarah & Melissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Chris Antblad (Spin Gallery), Philip Bardowell (Unruly Child), Göran Edman (Street Talk) & many more. Top players also includes Tommy Denander, Michael Landau, Christian Tolle and Mike Baird among others. More information at the Perris Records website.

August 2019

I started pre-production for FANFIELDS 3. Yes, there will be another one... Musicians from all over the world will pay another tribute to TOTO. I am very proud and humbled to be part of this again. Profits are going to the Michael Porcaro Fund (Sweet Relief Musicians Fund), ALS foundation and Fergie Frederiksen Foundation (Liver Foundation).

May 2019

Exciting... there is an interview feature in the new and current issue of the German magazine Grand Guitars (03/2019) about C.T.P. Christian Tolle Project, really cool. Check it out:

January 2019

There are more cabs available as Impulse Responses (in TUR and wave formats). Check them out at the Impulse Response Site:

  • Friedman 2x12 with G12M 65 Creamback and Vintage 30
  • Rivera 4x12 with G12T-85 and a huge WGS Collection (Veteran 30, Retro 30, Reaper 55Hz, Green Beret)
  • Rivera 1x12 open back with EV12
  • “Dumble-Style” Real Guitars 1x12 with G12M-65 and V70
  • Fender 2x10 Prosonic with Celestion for Fender made 60s

Happy New Year. I am still amazed by the fact, that my new record Point Blank climbed in the official German Rock- and Metal Charts to position 21 in the 3rd week. Thanks to all who bought, streamed or radio played my music.

October 2018

Here are some quotes from the recent reviews of POINT BLANK:

9/10 score, Hellfire Magazin, Germany:
“Das Album verfügt über nur 10 Tracks und doch über so viele verschiedene Facetten, dass ich überrascht bin, wie schnell es schliesslich vorbei ist. Da hilft nur es in Dauerschleife laufen zu lassen. Ich bin sicher, dass ich nicht die Einzige bin, die dieses Album restlos begeistern wird.”

Legacy Magazin, Germany:
“Kompositorisch und musikalisch hat der gute Herr nämlich längst das höchste Niveau erreicht und bestätigt seinen ausgezeichneten Ruf mit dem nächsten Highlight in seiner persönlichen Kollektion!"

United Rock Nations, France, album of the month: 
“Avec 'Point Blank', Christian Tolle sublime l'AOR : des riffs tranchants, des refrains efficaces et un chant de haut vol! A decouvrir en urgence”!

Metal to Infinity: 
“The pleasure was completely mine listening to a bunch of well skilled musicians which came together as one to deliver something old fashioned, something pure guitar driven, something I’d like to recommend to fans of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Whitesnake, UFO, Alcatrazz, early MSG, Joe Lynn Turner, Bonfire and the likes.”

9/10 score, Maxazine in the Netherlands:
“Point Blank is een album dat in alle opzichten wereldklasse is.”

9 score, Rockshit, Switzerland
“Musikalisch gibt’s peitschende Rock Songs, fette Grooves die einem mitreissen und mit ordentlichen Hooks garniert sind. Melodisch immer top dabei. Ganz die Whitesnake Schule die da durchschimmert und Spass macht.”

4,5/5 score, Metal Integral, France:
“Point Blank est un bien bel album, revigorant, pas novateur certes mais de haute technicité et alléchan de bout en bout, le partage vocal entre David REECE et John CUIJPERS permet de diversifier ces compositions hautes en couleur rock et de capter l’attention de l’auditeur. C’est une vraie réussite en soi ce Point Blank, riche et captivant de bout en bout : épatant !!!”

Rockportal, Netherlands:
“Point Blank is mijn kennismaking met Christian Tolle Project en ik sla me eigenlijk voor mijn kop dat dit pas gebeurt bij het vijfde album. Ik kan intens genieten van het album en was al gauw heel erg vertrouwd met het geluid op het album. Heerlijk album dat zeker naar de voorgrond gezet mag worden.”

8/10 score, Dark Stars, Germany:
“In dieser Form braucht sich Christian Tolle nicht hinter anderen international bekannten Hardrock Bands verstecken. Acht starke Punkte für den sympathischen Musiker.”

8/10 score, Rock It Magazin, Germany:
“...ein Weniger, dass Mehr ergibt: mehr kraftvolle Vitalität, mehr Spielfreude, mehr Hörvergnügen.”

September 2018

Check the SHOP section as there is a limited amount of CD’s already available and ready to ship prior to the official release date.

August 2018

My new record - Point Blank - is set to be released on 26th of October on CTM ChrisTones Music / Fastball Music.

From the uplifting opener and title track "Point Blank" to the driving grooves on "Too Late" or the hook-ladden bangers like "Black Friday" or "Borderland" the production pounds with punch and transparency. David Reece (ex-Accept, ex-Bonfire, Sainted Sinners) and John Cuijpers (Cooper Inc., Ayreon, Praying Mantis) take the lead vocals with Christian Tolle handling guitars, bass, drums and production.

Add Morris Adriaens on keys and backing vocals as well as Mathias Dieth (ex- U.D.O, ex-Sinner) and L.A. based guitar hero Doug Aldrich (Dio, ex-Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies) to guest for some stunning lead guitars, you can expect nothing less than a straight and excellent rock record, touching musical roots of the late 70s and 80s with lots of hooks and energy.

As a result "Point Blank" has turned into a real listening pleasure for all fans of guitar driven hard rock. Check out a short preview video and give it a “Like”.

Finished my new C.T.P. Christian Tolle Project record and returned from Vienna and the Mastering session with Christoph Stickel. He did a fantatsic job, the tracks sound punchy and crisp. Stay tuned for more infos on this: I can promise a great collection of tunes featuring the great mates and vocalists David Reece and John Cuijpers, Morris Adriaens on keys and backing vocals as well as my friends Mathias Dieth and Doug Aldrich guesting on lead guitar. More about the release date soon.

January 2018

This is for the guitar players out there... To make a long story short: I now offer some of the finest captured Impulse Responses that I made on my own for use with Two Notes equipment, such as the Torpedo Studio, Live, C.A.B. and the WoS / Wall of Sound Plugin. I just opened an online shop and you can check the quality of these IRs out on Soundcloud. More in the Impulse Response Section. Check them out...

December 2017

Recording for my next record these days. John Cuijpers came over to sing this great new tune I wrote with David Reece. Speaking of David: He already delivered a bunch of great vocals as well within the last weeks, so I am slowly but surely getting there. You can expect a more heavy approach with lots of classic rock vibes. I hope to have it out mid of next year.

July 2017

Check out the video from Never Enough on YouTube to support the release of Fanfields 2 - a tribute to TOTO. I had a lot of fun realizing this clip together with Brandon, Max, Peter and Jimmy.

May 2017

Quick update on what is going on these days. I am in the middle of writing new songs and so far it is going great. I have almost a new album of music in the can, so as far as I can see there will be another C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project) release in the future. In the meantime my last album NOW & THEN is doing great. Thanks to all who give it a listen.

October 2016

On October 7th my new C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project) record Now & Then came out. A few more reviews have been posted.

Crossfire Metal: “Das ist genau der Sound, der mich glücklich macht. Danke, Herr Tolle.” (9,5/10)

The Rocker: “..with a punchy 21st century sound which brings out the best of songs like Dumped, Taking A Risk and Hard To Find. Despite the different origins the mix makes the album seem rounded and complete, resulting in a record that AOR fans will really take pleasure in.”

FFM-Rock: “...Diese Namen lesen sich nicht nur gut, sie sorgen auch fuer eine perfekte Umsetzung der Songs und machen Now And Then zu einem besonderen Leckerbissen fuer alle Fans des Melodic Rock... (8,5/10)”

Deepground: “...Alles in allem zeigt sich Christian Tolle unter dem Projektnamen C.T.P. aber nicht nur Alt-Fans von seiner besten Seite, auch Neuentdecker des Projekts bekommen einen sehr guten Eindruck von seinem musikalischen Schaffen. (4/5)”

FStuff: “...The bottom line is that this awesome CD contrasts pleasantly with todays usual melodic rock mishmash and absolutely worth hearing! (9/10)”

On October 1st the FANFIELDS II - Tribute To TOTO project got released. I am very proud and humbled to be part of this and join so many great musicians from all over the world. Profits are going to the Michael Porcaro Fund (Sweet Relief Musicians Fund), ALS foundation and Fergie Frederiksen Foundation (Liver Foundation). Check it out here.

September 2016

The first reviews are coming in: This one is in German from BadBlack Unicorn Magazine:

"Now&Then" ist eine gelungene Sammlung von neuen und neuaufgelegten Songs mit sehr hohem Spassfaktor nicht zuletzt durch die große Anzahl herausragender Gastmusiker (John Parr, Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso, John Cuijpers, Michael Voss, David Reece, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, Doug Aldrich , Chuck Wright, Lauren Scheff, Raymond Herveille, Morris Adriaens) und der großen musikalischen Spannbreite auf überragendem Niveau. Freunde des klassischen Rocks sollten in diese Scheibe unbedingt mal reinschnuppern.”

July 2016

I am happy to announce that my new C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project) CD Now & Then is ready. The official release date is 7th of October 2016 via Fastball Music. I do have a limited quantity of CDs for sale thru this website in the Shop section, that can ship as of now, so if you want to have a copy before the official release date, here is your chance. Now & Then features a bunch of new tunes plus revisited versions of my best songs from the past: All redone, handmade and with stellar vocalist and guest performances from John Parr, Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso, David Reece, John Cuijpers, Michael Voss, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, Doug Aldrich, Chuck Wright, Lauren Scheff, Raymond Herveille, Morris Adriaens and many more.

March 2016

I just returned from MSM Studios in Munich. Christoph “Doc” Stickel mastered the new C.T.P. record and it sounds excellent. It will be my best release so far. Details will follow.

December 2015

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you. May the upcoming year be healthy and prosperous. My next C.T.P. record will soon be ready for mixing, so look out for a release sooner than later in 2016. Love and peace.

September 2015

Another update on my next C.T.P. record: I am very pleased to have John Parr singing on two songs. I have been a fan and follower of his carrer from day one back in my youth and really proud to have this fine gentleman in the cast of my next release. Stay tuned, I am entering the final phase of recording and hope to get into mixing in a few weeks.

August 2015

German Rockers Universe have just put out their 4th release Mission Rock. I co-wrote the song Welcome The Night. Mission Rock is a great release and if you dig classic heavy rock like Vengeance, Pretty Maids or Accept: This is for you. Check the band out on their website.

The crowd funding for Fanfields II has started, you can support the realization of this outstanding tribute to one of the best bands in the world by participating, therefore vistit the crowdfunding site. All further information can be found there as well. Profits will be going to the Michael Porcaro Fund (Sweet Relief Musicians Fund) and the ALS foundation and Fergie Frederiksen Foundation (Liver Foundation).

June 2015

Great day in the studio: John “Jaycee” Cuijpers (Cooper Inc., Praying Mantis) came over and he sang on a new song for my upcoming C.T.P. record. Jaycee delivered perfectly! It was great to hang and be creative together after a long time, since we haven’t seen each other for quite some time.

In May 1997 a number of people of the Toto mailinglist on the Internet decided to record Toto songs as a tribute to TOTO. Quickly this became a serious project with musicians contributing from all over the world. In 2001 Fanfields 1 was released. Many musicians from all over the world contributed, like for instance Lars Saefsund and Robert Saell of Work of Art, Phil Vincent, Ed James and Michael Riesenbeck.

Since then a lot has happened with Toto and the original initiators feel that the time is right to start the work on another Fanfields album with profits going to the Michael Porcaro Fund (Sweet Relief Musicians Fund), ALS foundation and Fergie Frederiksen Foundation (Liver Foundation). Fanfields 2 will contain a host of awesome musicians from all over the globe and will be released in 2016.

There will be a crowd funding campaign in order to get sufficient funds available to release this album. I am honored and proud to join Fanfields 2.


Here is an update on my next C.T.P. record, that I am working on. A lot has happened since I started late 2014. It will be a collection of revisited songs from my first releases and a bunch of new tracks wih a great cast of musicians. Just recently two wonderful vocalists did a fantastic job. Philip Bardowell (ex Beach Boys, ex Unruly Child and solo artist) put some vocals on two songs and also the wonderful Rick Riso sang two tunes. There is more coming soon and I hope to get it released late 2015. More info soon.

December 2014

I am happy to announce the release of FIASKO’s debut CD Jetzt jöh! on my label CTM ChrisTones Music for the 20th of December. I had a great time producing this record, as we put a lot of energy and passion into the recordings and arrangements. FIASKO are kickstarting their career and I am sure the record will be appreciated hugely in the upcoming Cologne carneval season. Check out FIASKO on the web!

Also worthwile mentioning: I have started to work on a new C.T.P. record (number 4 that is). And I am thrilled to be joined by Raymond Hervielle on drums. Ray is one of the best drummers I have ever met and I am not kidding, he is up there with the best. My friend Dirk Brouns at Studio Maasland recorded Ray’s drumming for eight tunes already. A bit more to come and as I said, I have just started. Stay tuned.

May 2014

Again I wrote and recorded more music for David Reece for his next solo record. Always great fun to put out some heavy rockin` tunes.

De Schwimmbutze renamed themself to FIASKO. I am producing these amazingly talented four piece. The hard work we put into the production finally leads to a release on a sampler this month. A full record will see the light of day this year. Check them out on Facebook and live at the 18th of June supporting BRINGS in Köln- Nippes at Oster’s Rudi.

September 2013

The 2nd solo album from David Reece (Bangalore Choir, Ex-Accept) called Compromise has been set for release 25th of October by AOR Heaven/Metal Heaven. I am honoured to contribute: I wrote the music and played on End Of It All and Along The Ride as well as playing on Where My Heart Belongs and Treasure Hunter. David rocks!

August 2013

The 12th AOR CD called The Secrets Of L.A. will be released mid november in Europe by AOR Heaven & just a little before in October in Japan (with 2 bonus tracks) on Rubicon Music. I co-produced and played guitars as well as bass on the bonus track I Owe It To Myself - a great tune by Frederic Slama.

May 2013

I worked with Eddy F. Müller again for his new Ginkgo Garden CD called Wrapped in Mystery and played on three songs. Great instrumental music with a New Age vibe. The CD will be released via Sony Music 31st of May. More here: Ginkgo Garden.

Also I have been working with David Reece again. We wrote a great track together for his upcoming solo CD, which will be a “headbangers ball” for sure.

April 2013

The new Chasing Violets CD Jade Hearts will be released June 14th on AOR Records. Here is what the record label says: „Once again the talented and sensual French sisters Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine have surrounded themselves with the best musicians from the AOR scene like Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander, Paul Sabu, Göran Edman, Mikael Erlandsson, Bob Harris, members of Alien, Hardline & Lionville, Christian Tolle, Eric Ragno (Jeff Scott Soto) among many others...“ Check out Sarah and Melissa Fontaine, I co-produced and played on a few songs on their upcoming and second release.

Andy Susemihl will finally release his next solo CD called Supermihl & Superfriends Vol. 2 beginning of May. I wrote the song Dr. Dude with him and we shared the guitars on that instrumental track. Check out Andy here, his record is a beautiful collection of great songs. Andy is one of the most talented musicians I ever had the honour to work with.

February 2013

Ripping session with my friend Mathias Dieth: We recorded some guitar solos for an upcoming release of Wicked Sensation. Mathias, who became a well known player back in the 80s with bands like Sinner and U.D.O. has a great taste, chops and a stunning feel for melodies.

December 2012

Happy holidays and all the best for the upcoming year everybody. 2012 was great, proud of my third C.T.P. release The Higher They Climb and been busy with several sessions and studio work this year. Again I worked on a new track for Chasing Violets and AOR this week and will continue early next year with more music and new songs to come.

November 2012

I recently worked with some friends from the band The Pace from the beautiful Southern part of Germany on their upcoming fourth release called Coming Of Age. Beside playing a solo on the track Crying, I mastered the CD. Check them out on Facebook!

I have also been busy co-producing and working for new music with Frederic Slama again this month, always good fun and fantastic AOR music.

Then I did a few guitar tracks for the next record of San Diego based singer/songwriter Kevin Martin called Future Friends, produced by my L.A.-friend Lauren Scheff.

October 2012

A new release from Frederic Slama’s AOR will be out soon: The new CD called L.A. Temptation will be released by AOR Heaven at the 23rd of November. I co-produced the wonderful track Hearbeat Away with James Christian on Vocals, as well as playing guitars and bass on it. More on Frederic Slama’s website.

Finally the new Tango Down CD got released. I wrote two tracks together with singer and frontman David Reece. Check out the boys take on Magic Pudding and Dreamchild. Here is Tango Down on the web.

August 2012

A quick update: I was busy the last weeks with co-producing and recording for Frederic Slama’s AOR again as well as working on new arrangements with Chasing Violets, who just did release their debut CD Outside Heaven on Perris Records.

Also I wrote an instrumental song called Dr. Dude with my friend Andy Susemihl for his next solo effort. That one turned out real nice.

My friends from the band Universe are producing a new record and I gave them a bit of music. Looking forward to hear their twist on it. These guys rock!

Check out more reviews for The Higher They Climb: “This is a great melodic hardrock album filled with bunch of hook laden songs and great arrangements.” “ is well worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of the vocalists involved. (83%)”

June 2012

Sarah and Mélissa Fontaine from France premier AOR band CHASING VIOLETS have announced their debut CD Outside Heaven for release later this year. Produced by Frédéric Slama of AOR fame and co-produced by Tommy Denander with the help of Paul Sabu (Only Child, Shania Twain), David Diggs (Quincy Jones, Richie Furay), Christian Tolle (C.T.P., Cooper Inc.), and various top arrangers, Outside Heaven is pure stroke of genius taking AOR music to a new level of perfection.

I am honoured to have co-produced the fabuluos uptempo song called Just Wanna Be Your Heroin as well as playing guitars and bass on it. Check Sarah’s and Mélissa’s website for more details.

May 2012

More reviews for The Higher They Climb:

schMuRzi: “Einfach ein großartiges Album - je mehr man hört, desto mehr Facetten entdeckt man. (6/6)

Rocktimes: “Die Abwechslung u. a. durch die verschiedenen Shouter und den ihnen maßgeschneiderten Arrangements macht "The Higher They Climb", besonders auch wegen ihrer naturgemäßen Gitarrenorientiertheit zu einer Veröffentlichung mit hoher Punktzahl.”

RockReport: “Of all three albums C.T.P has released so far, this one is probably the heaviest, although it's still catchy enough to attract the melodic rock fans. (4/6)

Crossfire Metal: “...eine geschmeidige Scheibe für jeden Melodic Rock Fan, der von den üblichen Verdächtigen der Szene nicht lassen kann, so wie einigen Vertretern von Mad Max, Bangalore Choir, Vengeance und Shortino. Die üblichen Kunden dürfen blind zugreifen. (8/10)

Musikzirkus Magazin: “Auch wenn sich die Mannen am Mikro des öfteren abwechseln, klingt das Album doch kompakt. Das liegt auch am Songwriting von Christian Tolle. Er versteht es eingängige Melodien mit schönen, dynamischen Rockelementen zu verbinden. Ein gutes Hardrockalbum.”

Check out the interview Marc Schipper did with me for HardHarderHeavy on their website (it’s in German language).

April 2012

Check out these reviews for The Higher They Climb: “Per il resto un album che comunque mi sento di consigliare per l’ottimo lavoro svolto in primis da Christian Tolle e a seguire dagli ospiti coinvolti… nient’altro che un buon Hard Rock supportato da voci e ospiti di gran livello. (8/10)

HardHarderHeavy: “Fazit: Der dritte Streich des umtriebigen Musikers und Produzenten Christian Tolle unter der Bezeichnung C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project) wartet mit handverlesener Prominenz am Mikro, spielerisch erstklassigem Personal, tollen Kompositionen, einprägsamen Hooklines und einer über alle Zweifel erhabenen, sahnemäßigen Produktion auf. THE HIGHER THEY CLIMB ist schlicht und ergreifend zeitgemässer Melodic-Hardrock vom Feinsten. (6/7)

Rock Garage: “...der größte Teil der Nummern überzeugt auf Anhieb und frisst sich geradewegs in die Gehörgänge. Hier muss ich auf jeden Fall eine klare Kaufempfehlung für alle AOR- und Melodic-Rock-Fanatiker aussprechen! Los Marsch, Marsch ab zum Plattendealer eures Vertrauens! (9/10) “The Higher They Climb ist schließlich ein absoluter Leckerbissen, dem es auch an entsprechender Würze niemals mangelt. Dafür garantieren nicht nur die grossen Namen, sondern vor allem der Mastermind himself! (8,5/10)

Beeding 4 Metal: “Also, wir haben hier insgesamt ein überdurchschnittlich gutes AOR-Projekt mit viel prominenter Schützenhilfe. Jeder Fan des Genres wird sich beim Hören den Hintern abfeiern. (8,5/10)

My Revelations “...The Higher They Climb" ist ein abwechslungsreiches Album geworden, auf dem man vier überragende Sänger geniessen darf, die sich durch zwölf gute Songs singen. (9/15)

Metalglory: “Fazit: Christian Tolle als Schirmherr dieses Projekts kann zufrieden sein. Richtig starker Hard Rock mit treibenden Riffs und herausragenden Gastsängern. (Kaufempfehlung / Sehr Gut)

Rockingboy: “Wer auf ehrlichen erdigen Hardrock bzw. AOR steht, sollte sich diese Scheibe schleunigst in sein Regal stellen. Ich bin sehr positiv überrascht (8/10).”

March 2012

Check out the interview with Jon Wilde of the British online magazine ROCK REALMS here.

February 2012

Coming soon fellows: The third C.T.P. / Christian Tolle Project CD titled The Higher They Climb is finished! Michael Voss and I co-produced 12 tracks between summer and winter 2011. I am very pleased with the result: Performed with an incredible amount of energy the album contains a powerful mixture of hard hitting Heavy Rock tracks (no ballads!), catchy hooklines and some of the best voices in the genre: David Reece (Ex-Accept, Bangalore Choir), Leon Goewie (Vengeance), Paul Shortino (King Kobra, Ex-Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt) and Michael Voss (Michael Schenker, Casanova, Mad Max). Also a few friends joined me on the guitar: L.A. guitar wizard Michael Landau, Ben Granfelt (Ex-Wishbone Ash), Andy Susemihl and Morris Adriaens do a guitar solo each and give the record a special flavour. The album will be released 30th of March via FASTBALL Music.

December 2011

I contributed to the new Vengeance CD Crystal Eye with the opening track Me And You. The CD will come out 24th of February 2012 on Steamhammer/SPV. Vengeance now is: Leon Goewie on vocals, drummer Chris Slade (Ex- AC/DC), guitarist Keri Kelli (Ex- Alice Cooper) and bass player Chris Glen (Michael Schenker Group). Crystal Eye was produced by Michael Voss.

Check out a Youtube-Teaser for the new AOR CD The Colors Of L.A.

October 2011

From Frederic Slama’s website: The new AOR CD entitled The Colors Of L.A will be released January 27th on AOR Boulevard Records and will include some of the best musicians of the AOR world like Tommy Denander, Philip Bardowell, David Foster, Steve Lukather, Jerry Hludzik, Joey Summer, Christian Tolle, Randy Goodrum, Steve Newman, Joe Pasquale, Michael Thompson, Rick Riso, Bill Champlin, David Diggs, Bruno Levesque, Michael Landau, David Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta, Brandon Fields among many others.

I co-produced and played on Kimberly (with Steve Newman on vocals) and Brittany (with Philip Bardowell on vocals) as well as playing guitars on the new version of Teach Me How To Love You Again (with Rick Riso on vocals).

The new C.T.P. CD is mastered and finished, I just returned from MSM studios in Munich. The 12 tracks indeed do sound fat and punchy. Christoph Stickel once again did a fantastic job. A release is planned for early 2012, more news soon.

June 2011

Just returned from 3 days tracking guitars at Kidroom studio with producer Michael Voss for my next C.T.P. record. It's gonna be loud and heavy.

April 2011

There will be more music in 2011/12. I started to record my next C.T.P. release and teamed up with producer Michael Voss (Michael Schenker, Voices of Rock, Casanova, Mad Max, Cooper Inc.). It will include some rocking appearances from singers all over the world and then some. I am very exicited. This will be a straight Heavy Rock effort thru and thru.

Reece-Kronlund is the new project of Bangalore Choir singer David Reece (ex-Accept) and Swedish guitarist/producer Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose). The debut album Solid will be released on June 24th through AOR Heaven. I co-wrote three tracks on Solid: Animals & Canibals, Remember You and Magic Pudding. More at REECEWORLD.

March 2011

Check out the Shop section:

The following CD’s are 7,90 EUR each!

C.T.P. - Better Than Dreams,
C.T.P. - The Real Thing and/or
COOPER Inc. - Pulling The Trigger
at a “Nice Price”.

January 2011

Happy new year everybody. I start the year co-producing with Frederic Slama for his next AOR project.

November 2010

Again a great day of recording with David Reece. Also we did an interview for the online magazin Thanks to Stephan König for coming over.

I did a a few layer guitar tracks for David Reece at my friends Markus homestudio and played a few parts through his wonderful original Tri-Stereo-Chorus that will add some flavour to a few tunes, I love that vintage outboard gear.

October 2010

I started to record and produce in my studio with David Reece. We have written more songs over the summer together. Those tracks are some great pieces of hard rockin music! Stay tuned!

David and I also wrote for the upcoming release of US-Rockers Tango Down, another great band David is fronting. Their next CD will be released on Kivel Records soon. David rocks! Check him out on REECEWORLD.

July 2010

I started to write songs with David Reece recently. Our first output Heart Attack & Vine can be heard on the new Bangalore Choir CD Cadence, which will be released at the 23rd of September on Metal Heaven records. I also guested for a solo on a great uptempo track called High On The Clouds.

January 2010

Happy new year! Looks like a promising start yet. I am writing new songs already and I’ll play more with Cooper Inc. live to support the recent release. Therefore we’ll do another show together with our friends from REECE at the 10th of April in Cologne at the Krebelshof e.V.

December 2009

A big thank you to everybody who supported us at the Rock Temple in Kerkrade and at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers at the recent Cooper Inc. shows. Thanks to Jorn and especially to David Reece and his band - great guys, great music and most important: good friends.

July 2009

I am happy to announce that the the new CD from Cooper Inc. - Pulling The Trigger is set for release by CTM christones music / POINT Music Distribution on the 9th of October.

June 2009

I am honored to guest on the debut solo CD Universal Language from David Reece (Accept, Bangalore Choir, Gypsy Rose and Sircle Of Sirence). I played lead guitar on the opener Before I Die. The CD will be released on August 28th on Metal Heaven records.

May 2009

After a passionate and good amount of work the new Cooper Inc. CD is finally finished. 12 tracks, produced by Michael Voss of Kidroom Music, are now mixed and mastered. We are currently looking into release options. More soon...

July 2008

Getting busy lately: Cooper Inc. has finally started to produce the next album. We are very happy to announce the collaboration with top producer Michael Voss, whom you might know from Mad Max, Casanova, Demon Drive or Voices Of Rock. We will work and record within the next coming weeks and hope to have everything done by the end of the year. It will be a fantastic record. I promise!

I cowrote and recorded a nice instrumental tune called Sunset After Dark together with my friend Andy Susemihl for his new instrumental record Supermihl & Superfriends. The CD features the massive chops and more songs from Andy and also guest appearances from Richie Kotzen and Rafael Moreira among a few others. Check out Andy here:

July 2007

The three shows with TOTO in Hannover, Bremerhaven and Dortmund have been awesome. Thanks to everybody who supported us there. Of course a BIG THANK YOU to TOTO, their crew and to the promoters for making it all possible. You guys rule!

The most exciting moment was of course playing Hold The Line with the guys in Dortmund. Check it out on YouTube.

June 2007

Cooper Inc. will support TOTO on a few shows on their upcoming summer leg of the FALLING IN BETWEEN tour. Plus we’ll do some shows on our own.

We are in the middle of pre-production for the next CD and we are having a bunch of very cool new songs.

February 2007

I am humbled and honoured to play with David Garfield, John Pena, Russ Miller and Eric Marienthal at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers/Belgium at the 3rd of April. It’s a challenge and I will give my very best to hold the candle with those legends.

August 2006

A BIG THANK YOU to TOTO, their crew and the local promoters for treating us like family. The two shows in Trier and Emmendingen have been fantastic. Thanks to everybody for their kind words and the appreciation. Check out some pics at the Gallery.

If you like, sign our guestbook at the Cooper Inc website.

May 2006

Wow, we will support TOTO (again) in Trier and Emmendingen this summer.

December 2005

CTP is featured in a detailed story about The making of The Real Thing In the current issue of Gitarre & Bass magazine in Germany

Rock It magazine 01/2006 features an interview with CTP.

September 2005

CTP's song Enemy can be heard on the new ROCK IT sampler HEAR IT Volume 21, coming with the current issue of the magazine.

Check out the interview at - the Dutch guitar online magazine. Of course it's in Dutch...

August 2005

CTP's follow up to "Better Than Dreams" is out now on CTM christones music. "The Real Thing" features 10 fresh AOR songs with performances from Steve Lukather, Tim Pierce, Doug Aldrich, Chuck Wright, Lauren Scheff, John "Jaycee" Cuijpers and many other great players.