Christian Tolle - Mendy Sneijers - John “Jaycee” Cuijpers - Tom Wetzels - Tom Baer - Mathias Dieth

Experience, energy, fun and quite a show... that is TIFFANY KILLS! The six members have earned their spurs in the world of Rock'n'Roll. Combined they play on a few dozen records, have toured the world and have now decided to throw each and everyone's catalogue in the middle with one goal in mind: an entertaining classic, heavy rock show. TIFFANY KILLS is fronted by John “Jaycee” Cuijpers, who is one of the strongest singers and frontman in the Netherlands, if not in Europe. He plays or played with Praying Mantis, AYREON, Cooper Inc. and many, many more. Mathias Dieth was one of the musical minds behind Udo Dirkschneiders solo career U.D.O. in the 1990s and is considered as one of the best German metal guitar players until this day. Christian Tolle has initiated his C.T.P. endeavor and worked with many artists around the world, such as Steve Lukather, John Parr, David Reece, Doug Aldrich to name just a few. He also wrote for Vengeance, Bangalore Choire, Reece or Tango Down. Christian's new record was just released and features John, Mathias, Mendy and many more. 

The rhythm section consits of two real groovemeisters: Bass wizzard Tom Baer hits the low strings and complements the energetic Tom Wetzels on drums to a tight and rockin' powerhouse. With Mendy Sneijers' female vocal power the band is complete. The set includes songs of each and everyones catalogue - and there are so many to choose from. A few classics might be added. Make no mistake: TIFFANY KILLS delivers a high energy show and will take YOUR roof off as well.


Shows 2024:

1st of June 2024 (Saturday) - Tilburg/NL: FOXROCK Festival / Foxfarm

19th of May 2024 (Sunday) - Panningen/NL: Tinus

12th of May 2024 (Sunday) - Zoetermeer/NL (with Tyketto): Poppodium Boerderij

09th of May 2024 (Thursday) - Weert/NL (with Tyketto): Poppodium De Bosuil

Shows 2023:

26th of August 2023 (Saturday) -Enschede/NL (with Vandenberg): Poppodium Metropool

25th of August 2023 (Friday)- Zoetermeer/NL (with Vandenberg): Poppodium Boerderij

28th of May 2023 (Sunday) - Tilburg/NL: Foxfarm

6th of May 2023 (Saturday)- Panningen/NL: Tinus

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