Hey guitar players,

after some research and fiddling around with several Impulse Responses (IRs) in the past in order to find really musical and excellent ones, that fit into a mix and reflect my experiences with miced guitar cabinets, I decided to produce my own ones. After an overwhelming positive response from players who actually tested them, I decided to offer them for sale.

Yes, I truly think they are among the best.

From a musician to musicians.

My IRs are available in the tur-format (as stated in the Shop some packages now include 96kHz wave files as well), which means they can be mainly used with Two Notes gear such as the Torpedo Live, Studio, C.A.B. and the WoS /Wall of Sound software plugin.

Try for yourself: Here are two Impulse Responses (tur-format) from the 90’s Marshall 1960AV V30 cab. They sound great together and give you a fat, punchy rock sound, aimed for crunch and overdriven tones:

Download CTM Marshall 4x12 1960AV Unidyne SM57
Download CTM Marshall 4x12 1960AV Heil PR20

Available packages are:

Listen to the demo clips of eack package:



New: Marshall 1960 AHW 4x12 with G12H30



Friedman 2x12
G12M 65 Creamback and Vintage 30



Rivera 4x12 with G12T-85 and WGS Collection
(Veteran 30, Retro 30, Reaper 55Hz, Greent Beret)



Rivera K 4x12 (straight) Vintage 30



Bogner “Cube” 1x12 Vintage 30



Custom Audio Amplifiers 2x12
G12M 65 Creamback and Vintage 30



Custom Audio Amplifiers 4x12
Vintage 30 and G12T-75



90’s Marshall 4x12 1960AV Vintage 30



80’s Marshall 4x12 1960B G12-65



Friedman 4x12 “Vintage”
Vintage 30 and G12M Greenbacks



1973 Marshall 4x12 1960B G12M 25 “GreyBacks”



”Dumble Style” 1x12 by Real Guitars
G12M 65 Creamback and V70



Rivera 1x12 open back with EV12



1983 Fender Prosonic 2x10 Celestion for Fender made 60s



Here is a comparison of the 1973 Marshall, Rivera and CAA 4x12 cabs with hard left and right panned rhythm tracks using several IRs of the packages to show the different flavours these IRs can deliver. Definatly suited for Rock and Metal.



Check out Andy Susemihl giving a few of my Impulse Responses a test drive. Andy is a gifted player, songwriter and producer. Check also out his new record Burning Man. He definatly is one of the best out there.



Check out Mathias Dieth playing my Impulse Responses of his very own 80s Marshall 4x12 1960B cabinet. That particluar cabinet has a history and was used on tours around the world as well as on U.D.O.’s studio recordings for Animal House, Mean Machine, Faceless Word and Timebomb.



The availabe packages come with a great collection of single IRs, captured with the finest microphones (such as Unidyne SM57, Shure SM57, Heil PR20, Audix I5, Royer R121, Shure KSM32) and with one of the best preamps for guitar recording, the Chandler TG-2, for EUR 9,99 for a complete package.

If you want to purchase, please visit my CTM ChrisTones Music shop for the finest Impulse Responses for any of the Two-Notes (tur-format) compatible Impulse Responses packages. The shop allows you an instant download after a purchase via paypal

I hope you enjoy and they make your sound better and easier to control.

Please notice: All product names used in this shop are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with CTM ChrisTones Music / Christian Tolle. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used only to identify the products of those manufacturers whose sounds were captured during the creation of the impulse responses.

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